What Are The Signs of Hernia? El Paso


Here are some symptoms that you need hernia repair

  • If you have a bulge or swelling in the scrotum or groin
  • Elevated pain at the position of the bulge
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Signs of bowel blockage

A hernia repair surgeon is a trained specialist who monitors your hernia condition and returns the removed tissues to their position.

Procedure for Hernia Repair

Before the procedure, our specialist will need to carry out a thorough examination to ensure that you have a hernia. At this moment, it is crucial to let our team of experts know if you smoke, have a history of blood clots, or are taking a large amount of aspirin or blood thinners. Our hernia repair might be accomplished either laparoscopically or in an open fashion. While the chances of relapse are the same with either technique, the pain following the treatment is less with laparoscopic surgery. 

Our experienced team will give you a general or local anesthetic depending upon the requirements of the surgery. After anesthesia, you might need to shave to uncover the skin. We then make an incision parallel to the line of your inguinal ligament. 

After our trusted team has identified the hernia sac, our specialist will put the bulging organs back into their position and either input the mesh for larger areas or stitch your abdominal wall. Our team of experts will then seal the initial incision and apply an appropriate dressing. 

You will be able to go back home on the day of the procedure, but you are required to rest and you will not be able to drive for a few weeks.

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