Gastric Bypass Surgeon in El Paso, TX for Weight Loss

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Have you tried several weight loss programs without seeing real results? You may want to consider gastric bypass. While this surgical procedure is mostly used by those who have tried regular weight loss programs, it can be recommended as the first-choice tool for some people.

Introduced in 1967, gastric bypass has become one of the most effective weight-loss surgeries in the world. In five decades, this procedure has also seen several advances. It has been perfected by some of the best surgeons and can surely help you achieve the body and image you so desire. 

Modern Gastric Bypass Procedure 

Gastric bypass is performed through small incisions (laparoscopically). Ideally, a small pouch will be created in the upper portion of the stomach, bringing up a piece of intestine and bypassing the distal stomach and a portion of the small intestine. 

Why Choose Gastric Bypass? 

There are various reasons why gastric bypass has remained one of the most popular bariatric surgeries for weight loss. Here are some of the reasons to choose this procedure: 

  • You will certainly lose between 70 and 80% of your excess body weight in the first 18 months following the procedure 
  • It can eliminate type 2 diabetes or significantly improve the health of patients 
  • It will help you reduce your meals since you have a smaller stomach 
  • It prevents you from eating too many carbohydrates, which helps further to keep weight down 
  • It can help patients on high blood pressure or high cholesterol medications to reduce or come off the medications as their conditions improve significantly 
  • It is a reliable procedure that sees up to 90% of patients maintain at least 50% of excess weight loss after surgery 
  • It can also lead to hormonal improvements, as well as metabolism improvements. 

Book Your Appointment 

Are you considering gastric bypass and have some questions about the procedure? Schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Benjamin Clapp of El Paso Bariatric Surgery, who has perfected the procedure and become one of the very best gastric bypass surgeons in El Paso. 

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