SADI Surgery Expert in El Paso TX

bariatric surgeon

Single Anastomosis Duodenal Interposition (SADI)

Highly effective for type 2 diabetes, comorbid conditions

  • Less risk for future bowel obstructions and hernias
  • NSAID use tolerated
  • May be performed after a sleeve gastrectomy
  • Weight loss 80-90% excess body weight


  • Excellent impact on Type 2 diabetes mellitus / Metabolic syndrome
  • Excellent weight loss
  • Better tolerance of NSAIDst


  • Newer procedure
  • Decreased absorption of vitamins, nutrients
  • Bowel connection
  • Increased number of bowel movements


  • May be performed after Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Patients with super morbid obesity (2-stage)
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Is Weight Loss Surgery Right For Me? El Paso TX

weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery is indicated in patients with a Body Mass Index or BMI (need BMI calculator) of 35 or greater with two associated medical problems related to obesity or a BMI of 40. These operations are generally performed laparoscopically (through small incisions) and usually require one to two nights in the hospital.

2 Types of Procedures for Weight Loss Surgery

• Gastric Bypass – The gastric bypass is performed laparoscopically (through small incisions). A small pouch is created in the upper portion of the stomach, bringing up a piece of intestine and bypassing the distal stomach and a portion of the small intestine. The patient will generally lose about 70-80% of their extra body weight.
• Gastric Sleeve – The sleeve gastrectomy is also performed laparoscopically and usually requires one night in the hospital. About 85-90% of the stomach is resected, changing the metabolic status of the patient resulting in a loss of about 70% of the extra body weight.

Revisional bariatric surgery – Sometimes patients need a previous surgery modified or revised. These are technically difficult operations that not all surgeons perform. Our surgeon has a wide experience with these complex procedures with good outcomes.

To schedule an appointment or for cost & pricing information for our weight loss surgery, please call 915-351-6020 or conveniently request an appointment online.

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What Are The Signs of Hernia? El Paso TX

hernia surgery

Hernia repair surgery is usually very effective and safe to treat hernia condition. If you or anyone you know is considering this surgery, our practice is the right place to turn to. The experienced team at our practice will help you understand it’s possible risks and the recovery process. We will offer you excellent and compassionate treatment.

Signs of Hernia

Here are some symptoms that you need hernia repair

  • If you have a bulge or swelling in the scrotum or groin
  • Elevated pain at the position of the bulge
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Signs of bowel blockage

A hernia repair surgeon is a trained specialist who monitors your hernia condition and returns the removed tissues to their position.

Procedure for Hernia Repair

Before the procedure, our specialist will need to carry out a thorough examination to ensure that you have a hernia. At this moment, it is crucial to let our team of experts know if you smoke, have a history of blood clots, or are taking a large amount of aspirin or blood thinners. Our hernia repair might be accomplished either laparoscopically or in an open fashion. While the chances of relapse are the same with either technique, the pain following the treatment is less with laparoscopic surgery. 

Our experienced team will give you a general or local anesthetic depending upon the requirements of the surgery. After anesthesia, you might need to shave to uncover the skin. We then make an incision parallel to the line of your inguinal ligament. 

After our trusted team has identified the hernia sac, our specialist will put the bulging organs back into their position and either input the mesh for larger areas or stitch your abdominal wall. Our team of experts will then seal the initial incision and apply an appropriate dressing. 

You will be able to go back home on the day of the procedure, but you are required to rest and you will not be able to drive for a few weeks.

Contact Us Today

Contact us today at our practice to schedule an appointment. Our trusted experts will be happy to meet with you and discuss your treatment options.

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Weight Loss Surgeon Near Me, El Paso TX

weight loss

Do the benefits of weight loss surgery last?

A new study has just emerged revealing that weight loss surgery not only helps people lose a significant amount of weight, but that the weight “appears to stay off for at least 10 years”. Details of the news may be found here.

Can I return home the day after surgery?

Patients typically must stay in the hospital for one to two days following surgery. Dr. Benjamin Clapp will leave you home with a list of post-operation directions that must be followed for a speedy recovery process and for the best results.

How soon may I eat food?

Expect to be on a liquid diet (including protein shakes) for the first two weeks following your surgery as your body heals. During week 3, you may shift to soft foods such as meatloaf, fish, eggs, etc. By week 4 you should be able to resume back to normal.

How much weight is lost from weight loss surgery?

Patients will generally lose – on average – 100 lbs. of extra body weight following the surgery. This number will vary from individual to individual.

Will I need to take time off from work?

Yes, this procedure will require you to take anywhere from 2-6 weeks off depending on what specific procedure is used and other factors.

Is Weight Loss Surgery in El Paso Right For You?

Not everyone is a good candidate for weight loss surgery in El Paso. No matter what information you read online, the absolute best way of finding out whether or not weight loss surgery is the right choice is to schedule an in person 1-on-1 consultation with our experienced weight loss surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Clapp.

To schedule an appointment or for cost & pricing information for our weight loss surgery, please call 915-351-6020 or conveniently request an appointment online.

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Surgery for Hernia in El Paso TX

hernia surgery

Hernia repair surgeries are done to return displaced tissues (mostly an internal tissue or organ that breaks through a hole in the muscles) to their proper position. It is a form of surgical treatment that resolves problems and prevent emergencies. After diagnosis, it is important to have hernia repair surgery as early as possible. 

Important Things to Know About Hernias 

Here are some important facts you probably don’t know about hernias that you really need to know: 

  • Some hernias (especially small ones) may not cause noticeable symptoms 
  • Hernia repair surgeries are general generally classified as herniorrhaphy or hernioplasty 
  • Some hernia repair surgeries can be completed in one day 
  • Hernia surgeries are mostly safe and effective. 

Types of Hernia Repair Surgeries 

Generally, there are three approaches to hernia repair surgery, including open surgery, laparoscopic (minimally invasive) surgery, and robotic hernia repair. 

While the three approaches have their merits, laparoscopic surgery is fast becoming the most popular approach. 

If you are diagnosed with a hernia, the surgeon will discuss your options and recommend the best approach to repair the hernia. At El Paso Bariatric, we mostly recommend laparoscopic hernia repair. 

What to Expect During Laparoscopic Hernia Repair 

Laparoscopic hernia repair is a minimally invasive style of hernia repair that offers several advantages over the open surgery system. If after your consultation with our experienced surgeon it is determined that this is the right procedure for you, a day will be fixed for it. This is a day surgery, so you can expect to return home the same day. 

Laparoscopic hernia repairs involve making three ½ – 1cm incisions on the abdomen. A laparoscope (long, thin, camera) will be moved into the abdomen through one of the incisions, while tiny surgical instruments will be moved in through the other incisions. The surgeon will have a clear internal view of the abdomen on a monitor and repair the hernia. 

Book an Appointment 

Do you feel you may be a good candidate for hernia repair surgery? Book an appointment with us. Our experienced surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Clapp, and his excellent team will take good care of you.

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Surgery Treatment for GERD in El Paso TX

gerd treatment
Asian woamn having or symptomatic reflux acids,Gastroesophageal reflux disease

Do you have concerns about gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)? Then you can benefit from reflux surgery. People live with acid reflux and associated issues for years. You should not do that. Reflux surgery is an effective treatment for GERD and can certainly help you live a healthier and more enjoyable life.

What is Reflux Surgery? 

Reflux surgery is a procedure that repairs or replaces the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), which is the valve that normally keeps the acidic content of the stomach from flowing back into the esophagus. It is an effective treatment that improves the symptoms of GERD and helps patients enjoy a better life. 

Who Needs Reflux Surgery? 

Acid reflux is an important surgery for those who suffer acid reflux. GERD patients experienced heartburn and other symptoms of acid reflux because their lower esophageal sphincters are damaged or weakened. Reflux surgery fixes this important valve and improves the quality of life for the patient. 

What are the Benefits of Reflux Surgery? 

The major benefits of reflux surgery include: 

  • It is an effective treatment that can put a stop to acid reflux and its accompanying troubles 
  • Surgery is the quickest way to treat acid reflux and prevent future problems associated with the condition. 
  • It will help patients to avoid taking long-term medications for GERD. 

Where to Get Reflux Surgery 

Have you been diagnosed with GERD? Do you think you are a good candidate for reflux surgery? El Paso Bariatric surgery may be the right place for you. Dr. Benjamin Clapp is an experienced surgeon who has performed several types of reflux surgeries. He is adept in fundoplication, Nissen fundoplication, hernia repairs, including Hiatal hernias and paraesophageal hernias, among many others. 

Dr. Clapp is also surrounded by an excellent team of professionals who will make your experience exceptional . The Dr. will discuss your specific condition and will work with a plan for reflux surgery that is best suited for you. Book an appointment to get started.

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What to Know About Gastric Bypass Surgery | El Paso TX

gastric bypass surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is one of the best surgical procedures used for weight loss, especially when other techniques have not delivered desired results. El Paso Bariatric Surgery is the right practice to turn to for your gastric bypass surgery in El Paso, TX. Dr. Benjamin Clapp and our experienced team will perform the surgery and help achieve excellent results.

Gastric Bypass Surgical Procedure

The gastric bypass surgery or procedure is done via small incisions (laparoscopic). A small portion of the upper layer of the stomach is slit to bring up a piece of the intestine and bypass a part of the small intestine and the distal stomach. Our surgical experts will make you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the surgery. 

Benefits of Gastric Bypass Procedure

Gastric bypass is one of the most standard bariatric surgeries that is often performed to eliminate excess weight. The procedure was termed the most common kind of bariatric surgery in 2015 and is widely referred to as the “gold standard” for this process.

  • Losing weight is guaranteed. Generally, an average person loses up to 80% of the excessive body weight after 18 months of undergoing the surgery
  • Individuals with type 2 diabetes will notice significant progress, and also, there is a high possibility of eliminating the issue.
  • You will be limited to consuming small meals due to your smaller stomach size after the surgery procedure
  • You wouldn’t have to deal with the consumption of carbohydrates to keep weight off
  • Individuals who are on treatment for high cholesterol or high blood pressure may notice improvements to boost their recovery
  • After surgery, the majority of the patients maintain more than 50% of the excess weight loss
  • You may notice hormone improvements which include metabolism improvements and increased testosterone

Award-Winning Gastric Bypass Surgeon

Asides from being a medical specialist, Dr. Benjamin Clapp has played a significant role in the publication and research of various articles relating to Gastric Bypass and other similar surgical procedures.

Book an Appointment Today!

Book an appointment with El Paso Bariatric Surgery today for your gastric bypass surgery. Dr. Benjamin Clapp and our experienced team will be available to discuss your options.

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Am I A Candidate for Reflux Surgery? El Paso TX

reflux surgeon
Closeup of a beautiful pregnant brunette feeling unwell and suffering from heartburn

Reflux surgery is often required for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) symptoms. For your reflux surgery in El Paso, TX, El Paso Bariatric Surgery is the ideal practice to turn to. Our specialists possess several years of experience in treating reflux disease and performing the reflux surgery. We are proud to serve patients throughout El Paso, Texas, and surrounding areas. 

What is Reflux Surgery (GERD)?

When the stomach acid flows in the opposite direction, it causes acid reflux. Mild reflux symptoms are fixed by healthy life changes, diet, and prescription drugs. However, severe acid reflux symptoms can only be corrected by reflux surgery. Reflux surgery replaces or repairs the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). This valve keeps the acid flow in its normal state. Anytime there is a distortion to this valve, acid reflux occurs.

Benefits of Reflux Surgery

Some benefits of reflux surgery include:

  • Prevents long-term medications for gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • Prevents further complications 
  • Relieves symptoms of GERD

Choose El Paso Bariatric Surgery for Your Reflux Surgery in El Paso, TX

At El Paso Bariatric Surgery, we provide performing different reflux surgeries, including hernia Repairs, Nissen Fundoplication, and Fundoplication. Our reflux surgery procedures are highly effective and will help enhance your lifestyle. 

What’s more, our experienced team will discuss your reflux surgery requirements to determine the GERD surgery that is appropriate for you. Our specialists will understand your need and provide personalized care for you. When you visit our practice located in El Paso, TX, you can expect the following for your reflux Surgery:

  • We treat our patients with respect and care
  • We will attend to you at your scheduled time without waiting in the queue
  • Our professional team will discuss everything about the treatment
  • We will provide comfort throughout your treatment and appointment

Our Reviews

Over the years, we have had fantastic reviews from different people due to our quality service delivery and professional conduct. One of them, Kimberly Gonzalez, based in Fort Hancock, TX, stated that he would recommend our practice because of his remarkable experience with Dr. Clapp and our experienced staff members.

Book an Appointment!

Please schedule an appointment with us at El Paso Bariatric Surgery today for your Reflux Surgery. Our team can help provide a long-term solution to your GERD symptoms.

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What to Expect with Bariatric Surgery | El Paso TX

bariatric surgery el paso

For many who are severely overweight, jump-starting weight loss can be the stepping stone needed to start living a healthier lifestyle. Becoming healthier is not only about feeling confident about your appearance but also, for many, saving their life. Bariatric surgery in El Paso is often a suitable solution for kicking off a healthier lifestyle for lifelong health.

Determining if Surgery is Necessary

Surgery is almost always the last option when other non-invasive remedies fail to deliver the results you want. Before taking the step to get rid of your weight surgically, it is expected that have done as much research as possible about bariatric surgery in El Paso. Generally, not every overweight individual is a good candidate for bariatric surgery. And managing obesity is not simply a matter of changing your appearance and getting rid of the extra weight. It will also help to improve your overall health and quality of life, enhancing your well-being and possibly adding years to your life.

Weightloss After Bariatric Surgery

First, the amount of weight loss depends on the type of bariatric surgery you choose and your general health. That said, the weight loss typically ranges from 40 to 80% of your “excess” weight.

Keep in mind that the results vary for different patients depending on motivation, how close they follow the doctor’s recommendations, and on-going support. Most of the weight loss occurs during the first few months after surgery and continues for 12-18 months post-bariatric surgery.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you think bariatric surgery may be the best option for your health, contact your weight loss specialist in El Paso TX to get started.

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Reflux Surgeon in El Paso TX

It is common to experience heartburn or acid reflux occasionally after a meal. For many, spicy or hearty foods can cause an occurrence of reflux. So how do you know when the reflux you are experiencing is cause for concern? By visiting your reflux surgeon, you can better understand your condition and determine the best options for relief.

Is Reflux Surgery Right for You?

During your consultation, your reflux surgeon will determine the severity of your condition. Your doctor will explain that acid reflux occurs when the stomach acid flows backward in the esophagus causing heartburn and other symptoms. Mild reflux symptoms can be relieved by prescription drugs, diet, and healthy life changes. If acid reflux (GERD) symptoms are severe and cannot be relieved by medications and life changes, your doctor may recommend reflux surgery.

Reflux surgery focuses on repairing or replacing lower esophageal sphincter (LES). It is this valve that normally keeps acid from flowing back from the stomach. If this valve is weakened or damaged, GERD occurs.

Choosing Your Reflux Surgeon in El Paso TX

Finding the best surgeon to provide compassionate and professional care is essential when deciding to have reflux surgery. Dr. Clapp is committed to providing individualized care for each patient, as he understands that each and every client requires different needs. When you come for your consultation you can expect the following:

  • Every patient is treated respectfully and with care
  • You’ll be seen at your scheduled time without unnecessary waiting lines
  • Dr. Clapp and his dedicated staff will explain everything in detail to ensure you fully understand all things that pertain to your treatment.
  • You’ll be comfortable throughout the duration of your appointment and treatment.

If you have unbearable acid reflux, it may be time to visit your reflux specialist in El Paso TX to determine if reflux surgery is right for you. Schedule your consultation by contacting our offices today!

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