What To Ask Your Weight Loss Surgeon | El Paso TX

It is common to have questions about any procedure that will require surgery. Though weight loss surgery is a common procedure there are still risks during surgery and challenges you may face in the time after. To help better understand your procedure, here are a few common questions patients ask their weight loss surgeon:

  • Do the benefits of weight loss surgery last? A new study has just emerged revealing that weight loss surgery not only helps people lose a significant amount of weight but that the weight “appears to stay off for at least 10 years”.
  • Can I return home the day after surgery? Patients typically must stay in the hospital for one to two days following surgery. And return home with a list of post-operation directions that must be followed for a speedy recovery process and for the best results.
  • How soon may I eat food? Expect to be on a liquid diet (including protein shakes) for the first two weeks following your surgery as your body heals. During week 3, you may shift to soft foods such as meatloaf, fish, eggs, etc. By week 4 you should be able to resume back to normal.

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