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hernia repair surgery

If you have been referred to a bariatric surgeon for hernia repair surgery, you may be wondering what to expect during your consultation or what the procedure entails. Here are a few common questions to help you prepare for your consultation.

How common is hernia repair surgery?

Every year in the United States about 600,000 people must undergo hernia surgery. A lot of these surgeries are done using the “open” approach method which gives direct external access to the hernia defect by a single skin incision.

Is there a minimally invasive repair option?

Yes. The laparoscopic hernia repair surgery offers a faster recovery time, with minimal pain and a quicker return to work and to engage in other activities. The approach is best for patients who have bilateral hernias (on both the left and right sides) because they can both be fixed simultaneously without any more incisions, and literally no additional discomfort.

What is the best treatment option for a reoccurring hernia?

Most Patients that have a hernia that reoccurs are the perfect candidates this laparoscopic repair because “open” treatment for recurrent hernias often leads to complications such as relapse, injury to blood vessels, and nerve injury. The little incisions that are made during Laparoscopic Hernia Repairs also lead to a different cosmetic result when it is put at par with the open procedure.

What can I expect during my consultation?

If you are a candidate for a Laparoscopic Hernia Repair you will undergo a physical examination and detailed consultation with a top-rated bariatric surgeon in El Paso to be sure that surgery is best for you. You will learn the risk and benefits and your doctor will inform you of all the possibilities relating to converting from a laparoscopic procedure to an open one.

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